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Hiatus - Peta's a maid
Hiatus - Peta's a maid

due for an update?

helloooo *echo*
lol sorry for not updating in suuuch a long time, i will be graduating university real soon... unless i fail this year but anyhow, i checked and the last update for the actural comic itself i've updated was sept last year O.O but thats gonna change... hopefully lol
i think the next update shall be somewhere in may ^_^ to return back for then

sorrry again for the very lack of updates


page19 where?

ack sorry for not updating yesterday, i have problems drawing buildings and theres this one particular building where it is supost to be similar as a church but i can't seem to do that so its taken alittle longer than expected to finish TT-TT

so i'll be updating next wednesday which is going to be a double page post and hopefully it will be normal ^_^

quick story: double post next week for the make up of no post this week.

page 17+18 delay

sorry but since its a double page i've been drawing alittle ova time with backgrounds and haven't made time with an update in time for this wednesday TT-TT, but i shall be updating hopefully before next update. And since its a double page it means only one update.

don't worry i've been working extra hard on this page and its coming along excellent ^_^

hint: i've used speical effects again

new banner

I have spent a few days planning the new banner but i think its worth it ^_^ it took me two days to draft it out and then use photoshop to colour in as usual ^_^
i think my my drawing ability is going up ^_^

oh and the guy with the blue hair i'll will keep secret until its time to reviel, although i should of waited alittle longer until after i reviel him to put up the banner ¬_¬

New layout ^_^

Heyo there ^_^

i've changed alot of things on my webcomic and i hope u don't get sick of the "girlyness" lol hopefully i'll have done the buttons but so far i'm stuck on what to do TT-TT

so what do u think of the layout?

Double post page

heyo there ^_^

As you can see there is a double post today which really means that i joined two pages together so it still counts as two ^_^

i was experimenting on how to do this and will do this more in future ^_^

And alittle warning for alittle future post (all before pg10) and alittle appology on how crap my art/storyline is progressing heres a list:

    *it was my first time using Photoshop and the next page (pg6) is a very crap page for me because i left it a year half way which isn't a very good idea ¬_¬, but on the bright note after page 11 the art style gets more better
    *As you proberly noticed there isnt' much speaking and i'm sorry about that also, its like a mime play lol but it gets more better later on.
    *if you haven't grasped on the basic outlines on this story... i'm sorryyyyy this is also why i can't write a descrip TT-TT
    *annnd i'm sorry for writing soo much right now, i just want to make it clear that i know how bad it is and i haven't got time to alter and change the next pages ¬_¬

cover page

heyo there ^_^

another page has been posted today and its the cover page for the first chapter ^_^ it is acturally page two but i'll call it cover page for now ^_^.

i drew this two times because the first one is verrryyy slanted



heyo there ^_^

welcome to my first webcomic thats actually online for the peps to see ^_^
also its not all black and white its just for the first page ^_^ its all in colour >.<
i'm hopping to update at least 2 times a week, also all comments are welcome ^_^ however negative it may be i like true reviews ^_^
thank you for clicking and seeing my webcomic and hope u like the art/storyline ^_^


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